Investing in the future

Over the past couple of years we have been making investments in our people, machines, supporting technologies and processes to deliver an even better and broader service to our customers. We continue to have a core strength in our traditional aerospace market, manufacturing fine quality components for these demanding applications, and have been building on our surveillance expertise producing components and assembling electro-mechanical products that work consistently in challenging environments. Also, the knowledge and expertise we offer is increasingly being welcomed across more diverse markets, including automotive, motorsport, marine, geophysical survey and geotechnical analysis instrumentation.

Starting in earnest in the New Year, we will be taking bolder steps to expand the markets we operate in and bring the skills and precision we deliver to a broader audience. Our website and this blog will be two of the communication channels we will use to keep all of our customers, and prospective customers, up to date with the exciting developments that will be taking place, so we hope that you will visit us regularly to see how we can help your business, “when performance really matters”.

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